Structure by MK
Structure by MK

SHADOW hairclaw


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Our collection of hair clips is a fusion of precise design and functionality. Each clip is crafted with a focus on the aesthetics and structure of hair, making it not only a stylish accessory but also a practical tool for everyday hairstyles.

The collection offers a wide range of color shades and elegant patterns, allowing for personalization and customization according to personal preferences.

Our philosophy revolves around the combination of beauty and sustainability. The clips are made from an environmentally friendly material, cellulose acetate, ensuring not only high quality but also ecological responsibility.

Let yourself be inspired by the innovative approach to hair accessories and discover the beauty intertwined with functionality. Our collection is designed with attention to detail to meet the highest expectations of our customers.


Cellulose acetate, a biomaterial derived from cellulose, stands out for its high elasticity and strength. Its aesthetic properties, including gloss and a pleasant texture, make hair accessories crafted from this material a popular product in the market. Additionally, this material is environmentally friendly as it biodegrades over time.

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