Structure by MK
Structure by MK

BLACK comb


Nie je na sklade

When practicality steps hand in hand with elegance in the right direction.

At Structure, it is paramount for us to bring products that are mainly functional and help your hair. But at the same time, we try to perfect every detail. For example, so that the comb from STRUCTURE can also spend time with you outside of the bathroom without any problems. Our signature color black is a must in this case. But now to the practical side of things.

STRUCTURE comb is made of pure cellulose fiber. You can easily comb wet and dry hair with it, while this elegant piece prevents unwanted electrification. And that’s not all – since we like hair rituals, the comb will also be your ally when applying products. Perfect result guaranteed!


Cellulose acetate, a biomaterial obtained from cellulose, stands out for its high elasticity and strength. Its aesthetic properties, including shine and pleasant texture, make hair accessories made of this material a popular product on the market. In addition, this material is environmentally friendly as it biodegrades over time.

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