Structure by MK
Structure by MK

BLACK comb


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When practicality walks hand in hand with elegance in the right direction. At Structure, it’s paramount for us to bring products that are primarily functional and assist your hair. At the same time, we strive to perfect every detail, such as ensuring that the Structure comb can effortlessly accompany you

Now, let’s talk about the practical aspect of things. The STRUCTURE comb is crafted from pure cellulose fiber. With ease, it untangles both wet and dry hair, while preventing undesired static. But that’s not all – as we cherish hair rituals, this comb becomes your ally in product application. A perfect outcome is guaranteed!


Cellulose acetate, a biomaterial derived from cellulose, stands out for its high elasticity and strength. Its aesthetic properties, including gloss and a pleasant texture, make hair accessories crafted from this material a popular product in the market. Additionally, this material is environmentally friendly as it biodegrades over time.”

Thanks for choosing style with us!

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